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Core Values

Reliability, Integrity, Value.

Our reason for existence is entirely due to the way we treat our clients.

Your satisfaction is our success.

About Us

Back in 1996 a small team of IT professionals with strengths in early web design and Oracle database systems, built one of the first banner advertising systems. Out of Internet advertising and database application development InfoSystems was born. These first few years of meteoric success gave them the opportunity to peer into the future of the internet. With the birth of Google, search engine competition looked stiff but ideas that were eventually to become part of Web2 and cloud computing were raging. InfoSystems officially launched in 1998 with the goal of becoming a large internet database development company renowned for reliability and integrity. One of the hopes was to position as an Application Service Provider (ASP) allowing customers to run their companies entirely over the internet. After developing a number of extranet systems and online databases for small companies it became clear that it was too early to enter the ASP market as consumer confidence in the internet was still floundering. As technology became available for building CRM, Forums and web sites cheaply, InfoSystems found a niche in high end web applications and specialises in MS SQL Server development and analysis.

Today, we have a wealth of IT experience from MS Office applications through Enterprise data solutions to the basic task of Driving traffic without changing careers and we have partnered or networked with a range of other companies that provide the full range of IT services. We would love to discuss your IT challenges with you and make sure you get good value for money and clarity for your business.